The Board of Directors is comprised of full-time teachers who serve members across the district. The Board proposes policy decisions for DCTA, which are then sent to the Representative Council, DCTA’s legislative body, for approval. Association policies and procedures are developed in adherence to the Standing Rules and By-Laws.

The DCTA President is released from full-time teaching duties to be able to serve the membership and direct the organization.

Executive Office Officer
President Henry Roman, DCTA Office
Vice President Susan Pinkney-Todd, South High School
Treasurer Zach Rupp, Columbian
Secretary Lynne Valencia-Hernandez, Beach Ct
Sector Represented Representatives
Northwest Lisa Gessini, Speech Specialists
Loralie Cole, Cowell
Lynne Rerucha, Centennial
Northeast Cathy Moore
Jennifer Perea, Martin Luther King
Southwest Diane Anderson, Specialized Service Providers
Nichole Christopherson, Schmitt
Kimberly Guzman, Castro
Southeast Pedro Camacho, George Washington
Dolly Calderon, Samuels
Patrick Cleveland, Samuels
Diana Hernandez, Ellis