Support your DAEOP Sisters and Brothers

DCTA belongs to the Denver Uniserv Unit which also includes the DPS school secretary/office professional union.  Our sister union is called the Denver Association of Education Office Professional s (DAEOP).

Currently, they are renegotiating their entire contract. That’s right: all of it. DAEOP is in a tough negotiation session.  The DPS team has not shown a willingness to move to meet the needs presented in the DAEOP proposals.  If one of our bargaining units has its power threatened, it negatively affects the collective voice of all of us.

The DAEOP goal is to have a fair contract that honors their profession and helps them better serve Denver students.  The last bargaining session before the DAEOP contract expires is Friday, August 30.  We need to stand with our sisters and brothers of DAEOP, as we are all part of the DPS employee family. They need your help at this important juncture.

Please take two mnutes to call the chief spokesperson for the DPS team, Bart Muller, at (720) 423-3985 and tell him that we need to treat all DPS team members with dignity and respect by bargaining a fair contract with DAEOP.  You might say something like this:

“Hello, my name is ______________ and I’m a teacher committed to standing with DAEOP to help pave the way for Student Success. We are all committed to our partnership with DPS where we want to help students thrive. We ask that DPS also commit to that partnership and treat our office professionals with dignity and respect by bargaining a fair contract. Thank you, and have a great day!”

 Also, we are asking DCTA building reps to talk with their school secretaries and determine a color that both the office workers and the teachers would wear on Friday, August 30.  We can show our office professionals that teachers support the DAEOP cause and are willing to stand with them in their goal of a fair contract.  Please watch for word from your DCTA building representative as to how your building can show your support!


Check back to this page over the next week for more updates on how we can support the DPS office professionals.