Here are links to certain laws and regulations that are of particular interest to members right now. If you have questions about how these laws affect you at your school or work site, or if there are other resources you’d like to see included here, please feel free to contact the DCTA office.

  • SB 12-213 (the “Future School Finance” Act): This Act updates the state funding formulas and increases education revenues. ┬áIt will only go into effect if it gets on the ballot via the petition process and is approved by voters in the November 2013 election.
  • SB 08-130 (the “Innovation Schools” Act): This Act allows schools to apply for “Innovation” status, which allows them to choose to opt out of certain District requirements as well as certain parts of the collectively-bargained contract signed by the Union and the District.
  • SB 10-191 (the “Educator Effectiveness” Act): This Act changes the way teachers and principals are evaluated, mandating (among other things) that student test scores account for at least 50% of an educator’s annual evaluation.