Thanks to all who have given input through surveys, focus groups, DCTA building visits, the DCTA and DPS websites, our DCTA LEAP communications liaison, Zach Rupp, and our full time DCTA rep to the LEAP management team, Pam Shamburg.  This input has informed the LEAP Steering Committee (which includes Henry Roman and Carolyn Crowder) to make some important decisions regarding the remainder of this year and the 2012-2013 school year.

One of the most significant decisions is that the 2012-2013 school year will also be a pilot because of the changes that have been made and the fact that certain elements of the LEAP system have not had a chance to be piloted at all.  Details of what the 2012-2013 pilot will look like are still being worked out. Below are important dates and information about the remaining observations for this current school year.

I. Window 3:

  • Window 3 will be the last observation window and we’ve extended the dates. New dates are January 17 through April 15.
  • Ratings will be given.

Teachers will be observed by the same observer as Window 2 because this allows for teachers to receive ratings from both a principal and a Peer Observer.

This may entail a teacher getting two observations in Window 3 because not all observations were completed in Window 1. If a teacher was not observed in Window 1, they will receive an additional observation (Areas of Focus only) in Window 3 along with their Window 3 observation. We made this decision because we felt it was important for all teachers to experience observations with ratings from both types of observers.

Observation and ratings during window 3 will be on Areas of Focus and relevant ELA Indicators only. There is no need to score all Indicators because of the anticipated changes to the Framework for 2012-13 based on this year’s feedback on the Framework.

II. Revisions to the Framework are currently underway based on the common themes found in a significant amount of feedback. Revisions include:

  • Significant improvements – more manageable, less redundancy, etc.
  • Consolidation (from 21 Indicators to 12)
  • Integrated ELA Indicators
  • Integrated Technology Indicators

III.  Window 4

  • Window 4, while not a formal observation window, will go from April 15-May
  • Peer Observers will beta test the revised Framework with 10-15 teachers each
  • Pilot of revised Framework will inform summer training

IV.  Student Perception Surveys

  • Round 2 scheduled for February for grades 3-12.  ECE-2nd grades will be able to opt in but won’t be required.
  • This will allow some teachers to see growth with same group of students, allow us to do a within 1 year analysis on SPS growth against TCAP performance, and allow us to make informed decisions on 1 or 2 administrations per year moving forward (and in which semester)